Let come to training with our team!! Khanomotom 62 Muaythai Gym

Khanomtom 62 Muay Thai Camp is located in the center of Bangkok. Easy transportation by bus or sky train. We live like a family and you are warm welcomed to be part of our family. We will make you feel like it 's not that difficult to learn Muay Thai and everyone can learn Muay Thai no matter you learn it to fight, lose weight or for exercise.

วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 25 สิงหาคม พ.ศ. 2554

Khru Aey Khanomtom going to Tampa Muaythai USA!!

Khru Aey (Sakeddao Khanomtom62), head trainer of our Bangkok Camp,
will be visiting the good ol’ US of A and staying with us for the rest of the year.
Khru Aey is Khru Ray’s personal coach and has been since 2005.
He’s respected in Thailand as a phenomenal Muay Thai trainer as well as
a pretty crafty fighter! With a fight record of 150-40 and possession of
Northeast Thailand Championship, he offers a wide array of technical
instruction and is very energetic and entertaining in his approach of
sharing his skills with his students.
September 2011, American KMT members will have the benefit of
experiencing the true lineage of our family.
Khru Aey will be teaching at Khanomtom Tampa. He will also be available for
private lessons and out of town seminars. For more information
or to schedule a private lesson or seminar contact
 Khru Ray