Let come to training with our team!! Khanomotom 62 Muaythai Gym

Khanomtom 62 Muay Thai Camp is located in the center of Bangkok. Easy transportation by bus or sky train. We live like a family and you are warm welcomed to be part of our family. We will make you feel like it 's not that difficult to learn Muay Thai and everyone can learn Muay Thai no matter you learn it to fight, lose weight or for exercise.

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Khanomtom Global Coverage: Muay Thai Day in Thailand and USA On News Paper

     Thank you For the best one Muaythai Magazine  .."Champ" and "Jakawan Muay"  That follow and support us Khanomtom62 Muaythai Team And  always support Muaythai to the world ..Wish you have a best sale always..
      ต้องขอขอบคุณหนังสือมวยไทยที่ดีที่สุด "แชมป์" และจักรวาลมวยไทย ที่ติดตามและให้การสนับสนุน ขนมต้ม62มวยไทย ทีม มาตลอด และส่งเสริมมวยไทยให้ก้าวไกลไประดับโลก ขอให้ขายดีตลอดกาลนะค่ะ

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Lukthevada Khanomtom62 Win In Lumpinee 26.03.11

Lukthevada Khanomtom62 won in Lumpinee Stadium after he lose point in round 2 3 but i speed up try to do the best and get win in final round    ...Good job Spider monkey !! ;)

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Khanomtom Muaythai News!!

After  Stop fight longtime in Lumpinee and just come back and Get won from last Month in Lumpinee Stadium , The Promoter He request Him to Fight again to day , Please give a wish to Him Our Head Trainer , Good Luck :)  

Komarwut Khanomtom62 Muaythai  Get New Champion  "Professional Muaythai Na Khanomtom Championship Belt " At World Muaythai Festival Ayutthaya # 7   18.03.11 

New Rising Star From Khanomtom62 Team  Get win All  one by Point two by KO in 19.03.11 Congratulation with Our  KMT62Team ! 

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Going to sheer up Khanomtom62 Team in Lumpinee Stadium on 19 March 2011 !!!!

Go to Cheering cheer on KMT 62 Muaythai Fighter go to fight in Lumpinee Stadium on March'19 2011 
Fahmongkol  Khanomtom62 (main fight)  On 17.00 Pm

Yodthong  Khanomtom62     On    20.00 Pm.

If you need the ticket for go to see fight match and get discount more then buy in front of Stadium please Contract to me 668 86819888  Or Email Jaoh_555@hotmail.com  

See you Guy in Lumpinee  Stadium